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About Agriox

AGRIOX is a brand of Max Chemicals (India) established in the year 2019 situated in Indore (M.P.), well-known for Manufacturing, Importing and Supplying a wide range of Bio Fertilizers, Water Soluble Fertilizers, Micro Nutrients, Wetting Agents, Plant Growth Regulators, Decomposers and Soil Conditioners. All of our products are formulated, manufactured and packed by using state of art facility, precise instruments, advanced technologies, and in house-testing facilities operated by our highly qualified & experienced technical professionals who keeps total control on the purity and quality of raw material being used. As we are an ISO 9001:2015 registered company we follow the SOPs for producing a quality product so that our commitment for total customer satisfaction, and follow the compliance policies with the regulatory bodies at all stages.


What we do

We at AGRIOX know and understand the importance of Fertilizers in agricultural production which are generally underestimated and neglected. Fertilizers and Soil Nutrition are most indispensable elements for plants and as our tag line says “OXYGEN FOR AGRICULTURE”, our products resemble the essentiality just like oxygen and it justify by providing the most vital nutrients and minerals for stronger and healthier growth without which the soil deficiencies incapacitate to deliver. We have a wide range of products which can fulfil any kind of deficiency in the soil as well as in plants which they require for giving higher yields. Our Bio Fertilizer products range offers the most environmental friendly solutions fulfilling nutritional requirements of plants and soil.

Why us

AGRIOX is based upon the principle of developing products with Innovation & Integration of sustainability to help Farmers grow high yield crops to meet the increasing demands and make more profit efficiently, without using harmful substances and damaging the environment that ultimately results in improving the quality of life of the people. Specially in India, Agriculture is not just an occupation, it is the way of life for a significant percentage of Indian Population. We are god gifted with different climatic conditions and availability of diverse type of soils capable of growing all types of crops in different regions of India. The only problem farmers are facing currently is HOW to do it efficiently?

What we Envision

Our goal and working patterns align with the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ or ‘Self-reliant India’ campaign as we aim to provide the farmers with best quality products and services so they become capable of growing healthy, nutritious crops in India, for India and rest of the world. Hence AGRIOX’s fertilizers delivers the reliable results of delivering essential supplements to the soil nutrient stocks that can be quickly absorbed and used by crops, followed by higher yields at reasonable costs.